Atherton Christmas Tree Farm is located on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands in the hills of Upper Barron, Far North Queensland, in Australia. The farm was established in 2007, and the first crop of trees planted that year. We only grow the finest Christmas trees that grow well in this climate, being the Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata), which is native to North America. To date, we have approximately eight thousand thriving trees, and we have plans to increase the number every year as our demand for future trees grows. All of our trees are pruned by hand three times per year, which gives them their unique conical Christmas tree shape.

We currently sell all of our trees freshly cut and with the correct (recommended) care, they will live approximately 3-4 weeks. All of our trees come tagged with professionally printed instructions on how to care for your tree, making it easy for you to ensure your tree lasts throughout the Festive Season!

In 2010 we harvested our first selection of trees, exclusively for ourselves, family and friends. In 2011 we sold our first crop of trees to the public. All of our trees were sold as freshly cut trees from the Atherton Tablelands, making them truly local to Queensland.


Contact Us
​The Atherton Christmas Tree Farm is located on the Kennedy Highway
Alex and Juana Adoberg
​Phone: 0407 160 792
​Email: sales@athertonchristmastreefarm.com.au
​Facebook: Atherton Christmas Tree Farm

OPEN for Tagging Trees during every weekend of November,
OPEN EVERYDAY of December, until the 22nd
Opening Times
Saturday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 18:00 (6 pm)
Friday: 8:00 am – 15:00 (3pm)